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This is the mysterious body part that is lost by young girls when they have sexual intercourse for the first time.
Few people have ever seen what this fragile object looks like.A girl who has never had sexual intercourse (a virgin) is supposed to have
her hymen intact. In many societies, a girls virginity until marriage is considered a great virtue. For a girl who possesses such chastity,
getting married becomes easy. The hymen is a fleshy, thin membrane, which partially closes the mouth (entrance) of the vagina.
It has a central opening, which may be rounded or elongated. Usually a finger can be introduced through the opening without breaking the hymen.
When the girl has sexual intercourse, the hymen is stretched and ruptured by the erect penis. This may be accompanied by some
discomfort and bleeding. It took us half a year until we were able to find our first willing virgin.
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